June 04, 2017

Freedom Wrap-up
by Tino Valentine

Captain Tino Valentine called in with an audio wrap-up from the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, CA.  We had 22 anglers today catch 11 yellowtail.  We had some really nice quality with fish up to 33 pounds.  We had 25 or more hookups and the Sea Lions ate 9 fish.  We also had 16 Calico Bass and a bunch of shorts, 44 Sheephead, 54 Whitefish, 3 Lingcod, 21 Red Snapper and 127 assorted Rockfish.  

We have a charter tonight then we are open party for the rest of the week.


  Tino Valentine
Freedom Sportfishing
San Pedro, CA
(310) 832-8304


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