May 29, 2017

Freedom Memorial Day Report
by Tino Valentine

Captain Tino Valentine called in this afternoon at 3:04 PM with an update from the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, CA. It was a long day today. It was a tough tough grind. We went 6 for 13 on the Yellowtail (biggest fish was 18 to 20 pounds). The Sea Lions got 7 we go 6. The Mammas won. We also had 1 White Seabass (smaller model) and 1 Halibut. We finished the day rock fishing and even that was a kinda slow. We got 34 Whitefish, 7 Red Snapper, 117 Rockfish, 14 Sheephead and 5 Calico Bass (in 60 degree water). We did not get any photos today.


  Tino Valentine
Freedom Sportfishing
San Pedro, CA
(310) 832-8304


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