June 18, 2018

Freedom Daily Report
Location: San Clemente Island
by Jeff Jessop

Captain Jeff Jessop called in this afternoon at 2:49 with an audio update from the Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, CA. We caught 61 Calico Bass (nice ones) for 20 anglers. It was “old school” fishing with lead heads and squid. We also had 24 Sheephead (up to 15 pounds), some Whitefish, 2 Yellowtail, 1 Halibut and 2 White Seabass (up to 30 pounds). We also had a bunch of miscellaneous fish too.

We are tanked up with squid with a light load. We are a for sure go!


  Jeff Jessop
Freedom Sportfishing
San Pedro, CA


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